Rockview University is a privately run institution based in the city of Lusaka. It is a University accredited by
the Higher Education Authority in accordance with the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013, the Teaching
Council of Zambia in accordance with the professional Act No. 5 of 2013 Section 35 as well as the General
Nursing Council of Zambia in accordance with the Nurses and Midwives Act No. 55 of 1970.

Programmes offered

School of Education

» Secondary Teaching Diploma
» Primary Teaching Diploma
» Early Childhood Diploma
» Teaching Methodology
» Bachelor of Primary Education
» Bachelor of Business Studies with Education
» Bachelor of Arts with Education
» Bachelor of Science with Education
» Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
» Bachelor of Education in Special Education
» Bachelor of ICT with Education
» Bachelor of Science in Design & Technology with Education
» Master of Art in Art and Design
» Master of Art in Religious Studies
» Master of Education Management & Administration
» Master of Art in History
» PhD in Education Administration & Management

School of Humanities and Business Studies

» Diploma in Business Administration
» Commercial Secondary Teachers’ Diploma
» Bachelor of Business Administration
» Bachelor of Laws
» Bachelor of Business Studies with Education
» Master of Business Administration

School of Health Sciences

» Diploma in Registered Nursing

School of Agricultural Sciences

» Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Education
» Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
» Master of Science in Agriculture (Crops) with Education

Postgraduate Studies

» Master of Science in Textile Design & Technology
» Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition
» Master of Science in Home Management & Hospitality
» Master of Science in Geography & Environmental Management
» Master of Science in Agricultural Science
» Master of Science in Linguistics
» Master of Arts in Civic Education
» Master of Arts in History
» Master of Arts in Development Studies
» Master of Education Administration
» Masters in Banking and Finance
» Master of Law
» MBA-Human Resource Management
» MBA Global Banking and Finance
» MBA Masters of Business Administration
» Master of Arts in Economics
» PhD in Education Administration and Management
» PhD in Home Economics

Contact us

Applying to Rockview University

Visit our offices in Twin Palm (Behind Crossroads Mall, Lusaka Zambia) You can also send the following details: Full Names, Full address (postal or email), Grade 12 results, Higher qualifications (if any), programme of study, mode of study

+260 967 976 961

+260 955 151 517

+260 973 184 161



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